Thursday, December 31, 2009

...well hello there...

My apologies for the amount of time between posts. Life has been a bit busy at the Carter house!

Avery is 26 days old, and life as we know it will never be the same. We're still trying to get her on a schedule (since she likes to sometimes sleep at night, and sometimes be awake all night!) We're both super tired, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. She's such a blessing and she made 2009 into a killer year.

We're going to try and take her to church this weekend and see how she does. She didn't' mind the Christmas Eve service too much. She got a little fussy when the music stopped (maybe she's already got aspirations as a musician!) 

This is a short post, but i'll leave you with a couple pictures. One of the fam (that sounds weird to say) at Christmas, and another of Avery and I after bath time (thanks for the robe Kira!)

Note my awesome Alabama shirt (ROLL TIDE!)

Avery looks like she really wants to get away from me in this picture, but what little girl doesn't think her dad is a huge nerd?


Amanda said...

thats me niece and i love her the mostest

KiraLynn said...

You're welcome guys, I'm glad you liked the robe! I just stumbled upon your blog while checking out Becca's. She is so cute! We need to plan a group get together again, I really want to meet her!

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